It’s all about a preception, an idea.

If asked, on the basis on why I chose a rather mundane, overworked and definately not glamourous field of street photography, the answer in fact had been repeated. It is precisely a mundane, overworked and unglamorous field of work that I find a challenge in.

A defined passion.

There are works where photographers could easily coax the beauty of a young girl, the explosive emotion of the surpressed and the
muted suffering of orphans of war. These are heavily broadcasted by the media of today.

However, life is much more than that, and it is about us, and how we go through each second of each hour. Each ordinary moment, without our realization on how significant , no matter how tiny , our actions affect the world and our lives each day.

A father playing with his daughter whose memory may carry long in the future. A dog returning a ball to an old man, who momentarily
forgets all his current worries.

Everyday life says it all.

That life is very beautiful. A beauty that is understated, and should be expressed.

Thus, I present my passion , in my own humble and sincere way in this online gallery; which I hope that you will appreciate, and enjoy. Above all, I hope to plant the seed of what drove me to produce these pictures : inspiration.

TY Tan


9 comments on “fotographie”

  1. Ah yes…a great view of your art. I found a quote once that says “There are no ordinary moments”. I have adopted this as my motto for my photography. very good!

  2. “It’s all about a preception, an idea”. Nothing to add. 🙂

  3. A wonderful post! I really dig your blog~

  4. Thanks ! Yours is lovely as well ! 🙂

  5. The little things in life (joy, sorrow, etc) are the ones that make life a wonderful journey. 🙂

  6. Your words and photos help me focus better on what I am doing. Thanx for sharing.

  7. hope to see more photos sometime

  8. Your photographs are moving. I went to China this year on a field studies visit with the University of Central Lancashire, I am currently artist-in-residence there, some of your images take me back there, and it does my heart good. I have a blog about my residency which includes some photographs and photo-collages I made of China – I would be interested in hearing your feedback. I hope to return to China when I can arrange funding to do an art project, as I enjoyed the country and its people so much.
    I will follow your adventures with anticipation – thank you for sharing them

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