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Tan Tien Yun (陈天昀) is one soul among 20 million others in the metropolis of Shanghai, China. Currently an engineer by training but a photographer at heart, he began bruising his fingers on the shutter button 8 years ago as a conscript of the Singapore Army. From Australia, to  Singapore and now China, his ubiquitous black cover bag is never far from his side as he explores the back alleys and bear witness to the trials of life undertaken by the average folk.

His specialty is street photography, characterized by a creative spirit profoundly and constantly shaped by the environment each set of photographs were taken.

His love is for people, his drive to help the people he loves understand how special their own lives are.

He works based on the lack of a controlled environment, relying on simple equipment and intuition to capture what he believe describes
the mood at a particular day, a particular place at a particular time.

If you are interested in a collaboration, a small exhibition or simply curious enough for a cup of coffee with him, don’t hesitate to contact at

Mobile Phone :   (+86) 1360-1809-654
Email                  :

Or simply click on “一会合“ on the top left hand side of the page , besides the ‘street photography of a shanghai urbanite’ to get to the main page.


9 comments on “contact /about me.”

  1. I am greatly regretting I am not in China. If I were, I would share a coffee with you for sure! Your work is brilliant. But more important than the images, is your reason for taking them. For the people. For understanding. Am I right? I will look at this blog often and I wish you well with your mission!

  2. Sounds very Republican! But thank you for your comments. No worries, the world is small and you can always come to Shanghai to meet me some day…as for understanding, I think I better brush up my mandarin..

  3. Hi there! I was amazed when you said that the world is small and anyone can always come to Shanghai to meet you. I JUST love it!

  4. Love your work!

  5. Fabulous work!

  6. You’re work is enlightening! I’m sorry I only now came across your blog, as I too found myself in China (a few years ago). Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re talent speaks for itself.

  7. Thanks, though it was kind of late! I’m in singapore now and fixing up a few stuffs before I could begin shooting again 🙂

  8. Very captivating work!

  9. Looking forward to see more of the streets of Shanghai and the people in them!
    Feel free to visit if you would like to see my perspective of Sweden.

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