[Contrasts]September Portfolio 2011 – 漕宝路,徐汇区

Walking Dog, Caobao Road ,Xuhui District, Shanghai 2011

The cackle of gravel grips on the worned whet stones that was once asphalt. And what was once a road, a smooth paved dimension to get to point A to point B; now reduced to a melee of clucking escaped chickens, potbellied men arguing about whose chickens belonged to whom and a lady by the pavement busily dispatching rather forlorn looking carp with a knife that madame guillotine would have loved.

And that’s just 6 am in morning. Where in other parts of the world, a cool breeze tickling around the floral dress of a giggling girl would be the first sight of many; for me its an old man who just went  ‘Ptui’ to the side corner of a be spattered road. A rude awakening that I am in China, and a gentle reminder that I was in Shanghai to pay my dues. As I trudged, feeling the grime of the morning smog settle on my face and my jeans getting another shade darker ; the camera feeling oiler by the minute. Through the cacophony of it all, suddenly a bright form dashes across the road, derailing an electric bike (and a very angry rider who was balancing a hog tied pig on it) with a crunch of cheap plastic.

As my lens swing,  a slight swish of a tail giving away a hint of guilt, and those deep pools of innocence blinked back: ‘What did I do?..’


One comment on “[Contrasts]September Portfolio 2011 – 漕宝路,徐汇区”

  1. Great shots and blog

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