[Migrant] August Portfolio 2011, 闵行开发区

Migratory Cranes, Minhang Development Zone, Shanghai 2010

It was the hazy blue. Blue as the azures in diamonds, hazed by the heat and shimmering humidity. That is how I remember that Saturday morning, etched in my mind as I make my way down the dirt road leading towards the factory. It was nearing the end of Summer to Autumn, but still the atmosphere wraps me around like a wet blanket.

I was hot. And Sweaty.  As if by a divine hand , a flock of cranes winged their way down making a 3 point landing..a delightful pallor of white among the cacophonous loud delighted cackles and reckless clips of beaks in abandon. They came from up north from the Russian Border , maybe as far away as Siberia; and somehow without falling like flies from the smog of Beijing and likewise from the cities of the Eastern Seaboard..they made it here to the green stretch.


As gaily they sipped the occasional morsel out of the paddy fields, weeds and an occasional bud of flowers. I stopped from high up and gave a good long hard look, reminding me of the more or less carefree moments of my youth interspersed with sheer terror, ultimate highs, disillusionmnent and celebration of life that led me from one continent to another, another country to the next, flitting between life like a pages of a thesaurus. Like these cranes; except they seemed alot happier. Perhaps they could teach me something.


Perhaps. I smiled and took a photograph, walking on to the pace of my own life.


One comment on “[Migrant] August Portfolio 2011, 闵行开发区”

  1. Wonderful details regarding the cranes and carefree moments of youth, which is an interesting analogy.

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