A new beginning, a living past – 从新开始[2012]

The Happiest Man In Shanghai, courtesy of Suanne Tay

Its has been a year. Shortly after the 2011, I left Shanghai for good. A new beginning, but back to the old shores of Singapore. It has been a crazy 8 months from there on, as I am working in a fledgling startup, and still working hard to try and get it at least to produce bread for me to feed myself. Alot of stuff had happened, both good and bad as I get reacquainted and lose friends, both old and new. But I believed I came out a better person. Stronger, scarred, but hopefully wiser.


Until then, I hope the future holds a better life for me; but when I take a look back on the photographs Ive taken during those turbuent days, it reminds me of the times when people (like you the readers) bring a smile to my face during those -10C nights and a gruelling day of work and coal dust. I still have some in my archive, and plus this blog (I think) is too pretty to tear down. So I’ll post my remaining pics, and when I’m finished, hopefully it will remain here for eternity.


Till then, to my readers, and to my new friends, I will see you when I see you :).


One comment on “A new beginning, a living past – 从新开始[2012]”

  1. We certainly do hope you will be able to post your remaining pictures and new ones from Singapore.

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