[Stream]September Portfolio 2011 – 剑川路,闵行区

Canal, Jianchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 2011

Green. That’s the  only way to describe the scenario. The lime green of fresh leaves. The murky green of squalid waters, with an occasional gurgle from a pipe that’s probably from a sewer. The smell is green, the stones are tainted green from algae. An elderly man besides me casually pull up a row of cages, and patiently digs out the prawns for some reason survives in this oxygen deficient water. He held a green twitching tail and exclaimed ‘Its all natural, and very good eating!’

I guess it’s a matter of taste.


4 comments on “[Stream]September Portfolio 2011 – 剑川路,闵行区”

  1. Your photo is great, I love the colour. I am glad I cannot smell it from here in Canada, and I am glad I am not eating any snails tonight.

  2. I love the pic, makes me think out what I’d like outside the window of my dream house (or maybe my vacation home) to look like in a few years. Although I couldn’t tell from the pic that below the window was water, I’m sold on the earthyness of it all

  3. It is simple peace,.. 🙂

  4. Thank you! Well, I wish I could do more since I’m bus with a start up, but words like these makes me resolved to finish the task at hand soon 🙂

    Regards, TY Tan

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