[Crossover]September Portfolio 2011 – 宜山路,徐汇区

Pedestrian and dog, Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 2011

That morning just simmered. 6 am, as the smoke and humidity seeps in, shocking you from slumber rather than a gentle rouse. For all the heresy and the novel vulgarities hurled against Nature twists within Shanghai Summer, the unbearable makes the unconceited bearable.

Singlet pops out sprouting armpit hairs . Belly buttons stick out of pot bellies like a second face. As men ambled around with enough sweat to water a camel, their attention focuses from point A to point B. Not a word, not a sound of greeting, any disturbance or minor irritance greeted with explosion of tempers.

For me, an alude to summer, for bringing the grateness of the human spirit when faced with a turkish bath.


One comment on “[Crossover]September Portfolio 2011 – 宜山路,徐汇区”

  1. This is a beautiful picture.

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