[The Yellow Bucket]September Portfolio 2011 – 漕宝路,徐汇区

Worker, Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 2011


Kneel. An electric scooters zip past, just barely scraping my knee. It seems even on saturdays, people do not sleep in. Or stop working. The construction piles on, banging tanned metal struts into the grounds. People seems to be constantly fetching water. Splashes, another bucket. “再来!”It seems never to stop. Like work, people never stop drinking. Like money, there is never enough water. The soil soaks droplets of water and the salt of sweat, as the people pile on. I contribute a load, as my glasses trickle a moribund drip on the asphalt. The sun cackles its 10 am heat through my lenses, as I squint. A bucket of water? That’s what I need.


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