[Patio]September Autumn Portfolio 2011 – 剑川路,闵行区

Innocuous. That’s what I would call it. Just outside of the metro , there is a lone village stand that sits like  a defiant david among the goliath of spanking new flats. Gray Dust Houses, aged tiles, with a river of lime green that  cuts through it.

Not the most picturesque of all villages, but interesting enough.

A step forward, and you’re taken away from the hustle and bustle of honking car horns, squabbling cab drivers and the incessant fog of exhaust from the main road. A tinkle of long forgotten chimes on a balcony…the giggles of children slipping through the alleyway. The smell of peanut oil blankets your nostrils in a potent bouquet, combined with the ever so familiar scent of smelly tofu gurgling in hot oil on an unseen wok.

Its 6 pm. After work. Bit by bit, thoughts of bits, bytes and schematics give way to the notable eye, describing each scene as I picked through gingerly, a stranger in this little temporary world. A finger on the shutter, as I flit like a deer nervously among the undergrowth , the derth of buildings , patios of  cabbages, gourds. A dusty car rumbles past, like a rude awakening, but that’s all there is to it, a disturbance that is soon forgotten.

So at this note, this a photograph of a patio, to remind myself of that little hamlet hidden away in the bustle, a notch where time, temporarily, stood still. Let it be that way.



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