[Smack]September Portfolio 2011 – 剑川路,闵行区


Twilight, Autumn. The fading light of september seems to creep up, slowly, but surely, to the early hours at hand. 6pm. 6:30pm. 5pm. Soon it will be November. Soon it will be winter.

As I tripped past the onrush of commuters in the mass rapid transit, I was pressed against a row of seats. She gave me a withering look, before staring into empty space, like I never existed. Those artificial aristocratic eyes, fringed with  flaky fake eyelashes and rimmed with mascara. The plaster like of her foundation. The wince she makes when an unsavoury shove from her fellow passengers disturbs her poise. A face to keep, a face she tries to holdup as a belle of the Shanghai Societie.

Finally, she couldn’t resists, and in a pause of thought she curls her tongue on the corner of her lips, looking in the far off distance. Snap.




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