[Red] September Portfolio 2011 东川路, 闵行区

Chilli Peppers, DongChuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 2011


Winds of change could come when you least expect it. First of all, I would like to apologize to all my readers (and thereabouts!) about the lack of updates.  If the truth could be expressed better, blame it on change, fate or what have you. Right after September, I was forced to make a decision between photography or my career as I got saddled with alot more responsibilities. Engagement soon came soon after, and soon I will be married .  Another phase in life, another aspect of change that sometimes when you think you are settled, it just sweeps you off your feet.


So I had to put my camera down for 3 months or so to iron all these issues out, and to the folks who promoted my photography in Shanghai, I am sorry that I had to disappear off the radar screen for a while. I wish I did not have to, and now it has come to this that I may have to leave the city that I got to know  like the regular draft in my favourite cocktail bar, it would be hard to let go of all of it. I missed the rice harvest. I missed the kids toying around with salted chickens in the back of alley. Or the red dust as in the back ground, nut bronzed bodies of labourers toiled and argued each other as a building goes up.


Yes folks, I sacrificed those 3 months in order to build my future. Why? It is only me, not just the two of us.


Nevertheless, I will now update each photograph, with more stories, as my days in Shanghai are slowly coming to an end. Keep in tune, and pay attention to my swan song 🙂


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