[CrossRoads]September Portfolio 2011 – 绍兴路,徐汇区

Pedestrian, Shaoxing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai China 2011

Early autumn, characterized by the cool morning breeze . Breeze that ruffles the yellowing leaves of roadside maples. Tickles your skin with signs of relief from summer’s heat.

It is 9am. 1 hour early for me to check out an antique book store by this quaint corner of the French Concession. Life is a standstill here, compared to the normal frenzy of shanghai. No car horns, no jackhammers. No big shouts or arguments across the road.

For a time, I think back when is the last time I ever had such peace and quiet. The fact that I have a lens made in the 1930s affixed to my camera makes it abit more apt to get into the mood of taking it slow, like time never passes, and goes backwards instead.

To a tribute of for the folks that do slow down, just 8 photographs.


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