[Seasons] September Portfolio 2011, 闵行开发区

Rice Plant, Minhang Development Zone, Minhang District, Shanghai 2011

The time has arrived. Little flickers of yellow dusts gathers in the wind, flowing down the flowing waves of green. The rice plants are flowering, marking the end of summer, the beginning of autumn. Another month to the end of their life, to threshing, harvesting and storage to another spring/summer season.

It is nostalgic, because I first stepped into my workplace amid the beds of flowering rice plants. It has been a year. A year since I decided to leave home and build my life elsewhere..a year where , yet in another country, I decided to pick up my neglected lenses and start shooting again to document not only people’s lives, but my new journey.

The scenes has changed since I started photographing minHang. The factories are still there, but as in China, everything is temporary. Trees now started to line the road along the rice field,blocking the breath taking backdrop of rice paddies against the industrial monolith. More factories has sprung up, more villages have been rebuilt. Migrants moved, colleagues resigned. New colleagues came in. Such is life, as I being the only constant.

However, I would be a constant no more soon. In my email sits a rather innocous message title ‘Notification Of Grant For Permanent Residence, Australia’. It will be time for me to move on from this place that had amazed and beguiled me with its facets of opulence, decadence, hardship and life lessons. .

Till then, like the rice plant, my season end is in sight. And with that, starts my swan song.


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