[Window] August Portfolio 2011, 方浜中路, 虹口区

Window Sill, Fanbang Road, Hongkou District,Shanghai China 2011

The clink of bells gently chimes in the early autumn breeze on that balmy Shanghai day, a trailing memory of summer.

Along the road down from the bund towards Fangbang zhong road, there is a street purported to take you back to Shanghai a hundred years back. From the photographs I’ve seen, it got me salivating.

Needless to say, unfortunately, I forgotten the golden rule in chinese advertising: Never trust them when it comes the context of authenticity.

So here I find myself, a clink of bells in a row of rather alabaster plastered and restored row of terra cotta curved roofs, ..with the rather loud blare of techno music and the whine of plastic toy dogs mindlessly knocking themselvesover my sandals.

Fake jade buddhas. Camera shops. Fabrics with ‘I live hip but not the hop’ logos or similar bizzare english phrases threaded through it. Vendors haggling over hapless tourists who were drawn here by the promise of evocative time travel.

I never knew plastic toy dogs existed over 100 years ago.

Fustrated, I wandered around , looking for any semblance of an environment whereI could ‘sense’ the flow . A crack in the wall, which I squeezed.

A car park…and behind the carpark.

A long tang.

That’s when the fun started.


2 comments on “[Window] August Portfolio 2011, 方浜中路, 虹口区”

  1. Like the composition and the blend of old and new. Reminds me of a window I found recently: http://sighguoren.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/old-door-dispensary/

  2. Eye-catching composition!

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