[We Wake, Beixinjing]Summer Portfolio August 2011, 新鱼路,长宁区

Instructor Car, Tianshan West Road, Changning District, Shanghai 2011

“Sir, 27 Renminbi, xie xie”

She smiled, as I looked at my watch. 45 minutes to shoot before I meet my oh so very fiery missus to be. Oh well..hen peck later, bona fide street for now.

I squeezed out of the cab, stretching the creak on my aching back, adjusting the shoulder strap . A sharp end pokes reminds me of the basic mandarin book I stuffed in the back of my camera bag. How incongrous; I don’t know if I’m going for tuition or for a spin in the streets. In the end its both I’d have to reckon.

The street, as per usual, as a clatter. Dogs skittering back and forth, their whizened owners lavishing mushy praises and kisses in a Shanghai accented Dialect. Bicycles skip through the zebra crossings with an alarming nonchalance for safety. A group of giggly young girls tugging an equally perturbed group of young men to the next shopping outlet. An old man taps impatiently on my foot with his walking stick.

“你即使可以走开吗?红绿灯青色了“ (Could you please move? Its the green light).

I excused myself and smiled. Its good to be back home, back to work.


One comment on “[We Wake, Beixinjing]Summer Portfolio August 2011, 新鱼路,长宁区”

  1. I like the blurred foreground subject (car) and the leading focus. Normally I feel that placing a subject in the center of the photo is awkward, but here despite that fact it has good composition and balance. Nice shot!

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