[Passe] Summer Portfolio August 2011, 剑川地铁站,闵行区

Metro Trains, jianchuan station, Shanghai China 2011

It was one of those summer mornings when mother nature decided she got bored of stewing us in the humid 30s.

Rain lashed, not in torrents but in those quick silvers that are quick to annoy , as they prick your skin with a wet cold slick, create stains on glasses (and lenses) and quickly turn uncovered documents into a mush of recycled paper.

Yes, Drizzles do annoy.

As I flit in among the cold grey faces in the crowd, huddled under little totems of umbrellas, I found myself forced in the corner by the window on the drivers seat, part of my 1 1/2 to 2 hour trip to work every morning. A soaked knapsack with an equally soaked camera inside it, it made me lose a shine to maybe sneaking a shot or 2 this morning.

Maybe I should invent something to look forward to. Like that hot spicy fried breads or spicy pork buns at the village where I disembark. Or perhaps take a serene (and muddy route) across those evergreen paddy fields. Packets of home made soya bean milk.

Second by second,as such positive thoughts flick through my head, my day begins to brighten up. The rain sashays across the landscape in sheets of grey, dancing, to me, to the tune of my thoughts.

As the crowds ease, as each of those morose faces bow out to face the world outside, I could almost hear a sigh or relief. A little laughter. A long gaze in the windows for some introspection.

I looked out of the window next to me. Pause. Proceeded to take my camera out , quick rub on the lenses filter and …


There, my day was definately looking up.

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