[Weather] Summer Portfolio August 2011 -外滩

Tourist, Shanghai Bund, China 2011

First, let me apologize to my readers for a long absence. Okay, 5 Days isn’t that long, but it still felt like forever :).

The usual excuse? Work got in the way. As much as I could squeeze out of it and complain, it is the one thing that tethers me to Shanghai and allows me to bring to you the photograph essays you all love, so call it a double edged sword!

This essay, however, would be a topic overdone, namely the shots of tourists wandering around the Shanghai Bund. Maybe you all will expect a plethora of snapshots, or a feeble attempt to create something new out of plain vanilla.

I guess the latter is right, this is an exercise of creating something new out of plain vanilla, nothing that profound or heart rending as other topics will do. But remember, street photography is anything but exploring a venue not often travelled by a photographer.

It is also the most travelled path a photographer have to take, but in a different (and opposite) direction :).


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