[Waft] Summer Portfolio July 2011 – 七浦路, 闸北区

Laundry, Qipu Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai China 2011

It glimmers. White Heat, beating on the tin roofs , reflecting a glare that slices through like a ginsu knife. The humid air wraps like a sticky wet blanket , casting
patterns of sweat on the backs of shirts, raising the olfactory offensiveness of body odours by a few orders, and just makes life plain uncomfortable.

I squint, wiping sweat off my LCD screen which have been blown to a whiteout by over exposure. Notching the aperture down and notch up the shutter speed just makes the
details on the screen barely discernable. A pop from a nearby wok showers a spray of hot oil all over my right side. This would be a tough day, and probably a
dirty one too.

The area I’m shooting at is around the area of Qipu Road, the famous wholesale district in Shanghai. However, I’m not on the road itself, but rather the surrounding small
alleys of clustered houses nick named Long Tan in traditional Chinese. While I’m not too up on it in dwelling into the history of the place, the environment is a
welcome change from the rural noisy dirt roads of rural Minhang or the ultra chic marble of the huaihai road shopping magnet.

Well, it was a welcome change. I wipe a brow and curse as the subject of mine suddenly notices the shine from my lenses. ‘Wei, What in the hell are you doing?!’ he yelled
in a parched throat from yelling at people the whole day. I shot anyway.


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