[Fire] Summer Portfolio July 2011 – 七浦路, 闸北区

Hawker, Qipu Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai China 2011


66 comments on “[Fire] Summer Portfolio July 2011 – 七浦路, 闸北区”

  1. Excellent capture. We should get out and shoot together sometimes.
    — Woods

  2. Chop chop.
    Did you try their food?

  3. gorgeous, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Awesome photo, so much depth. Love the colors too. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  5. this picture is awesome, I should have taken pictures like this whilst i was abroad haha nice work!
    please view ruihannah.wordpress.com thanks 🙂

  6. I love it – capturing someone just doing their everyday thing – looks like making some stirfry – YUM! Congrats on being FP!

  7. This is an amazing photo. I posted it on Facebook.

  8. Wow what vibrant colours…which camera did u take this picture from?

  9. Am I the only one who sees a fork and a heart in the fire? It’s like a self-psychoanalysis tool! 😉

    Very cool image indeed…

  10. wow, what a sharp contrast, the millions of colours in the fire and the grey black only in the rest of the surroundings. who could have thought standing at the scene that, with the proper camera setting, you could make a great photo out of this dirty looking place. btw on the topic of dirtyness, it is surprisingly pleasant to see that my neighbouring country is almost as bad in terms of cleanliness of street food as my country – India. I always thought the Chinese were spick and span and it was only India that was fully of dirty street food vendors. Guess i was wrong. but brilliant picture, really….that’s the one word – brilliant

  11. the art of cooking

  12. This is one of those beautiful shots that can stand alone and speak. I love this. It makes me hungry and warm and sad all at the same time. Thank you, cecilia

  13. i always wonder when they’re finally going to classify fire as a living organism… it’s born (in a way) it dies, it eats, it breaths, it grows if given enough fuel… and it can be beautiful… as you’ve shown

  14. fabulous picture! very vibrant and alive, if you will. thanks for sharing.

  15. Makes me remember the days I used to enjoy those street foods. Some of them taste delicious and more authentic than some restaurants. The only thing to worry is getting some food borne disease but if their boiling hot and on fire like this photo, who could resist! great picture.

  16. amazing shot! 😀

  17. Fantastic photograph. Makes me hungry – getting up for a snack! Congratulations on being Fresh Pressed.

  18. Hey guys, thank you very much. Frankly I didn’t know I got freshly pressed! My mailbox gave me a shock this morning and its very moving. Makes me want to take this further and make this blog even better than before!

  19. love the fire. defitinetely summer heat foodism!

  20. you captured this moment perfectly, especially the fire. as a Chinese, this scene is familiar to me.
    to tell the truth, the food they made is delicious in fact.

  21. You have really captured the essence of a street food vendor, in all its glory. Great post.

  22. Well taken picture! It really tell the daily life of ordinary people. You need fire to keep you moving!

  23. I love the colors in this

  24. looks like a magic trick 😉 one philosopher said that fire is everywhere and always, you just have to light it!
    refreshing photo. thanks for sharing.

  25. Very cool fire pic, almost looks fake or something! Like a special effect, but its real..

  26. simply superb!!

  27. You captured this picture perfectly! Really nice. 🙂

  28. Great action shot. Thanks for sharing it with us. It looks like one of my BBQ’s LOL

  29. Great, fiery capture.

  30. Imagine – out of that kitchen comes the food tastier than that made in clean kitchens! Great photo…

  31. Very nice shot…!!! captured at the right moment. To me, the elbow of the man standing next to it is little distracting, nevertheless its a good shot.

  32. The woks of chefs are always an amazing display of fire works 🙂

  33. Great photos, congrats on FP, you deserve it.

    check me out everybody,


  34. Vividness and the raw theme are the key here.

  35. I am now hungry and look at that, there’s the olive oil!!!! Yummo!

  36. Wouldn’t change a thing–I actually think the elbow of the man cooking adds even more authenticity, and I love that you can tell how concentrated he is from even just half of his face. Great shot of a simple moment. Thanks for sharing.

  37. fire spirit dancing in the wok~~~!

  38. That is really awesome!

  39. Beautiful!

  40. Woah Woah Woah, this is abit overwhelming…lol. To some, I’m simply using a compact and a set of leica lenses. As for olive oil…uhm I don’t think that’s quite it. One reason why I don’t eat their food is though delicious, some people find ways and means to cut corners like using oil used from macdonalds ( they didn’t know it, but unscruplous distributors have been caught doing that…just filtering the oil and reselling it to small time hawkers for cheap..) . In China, best to either eat at relatively well established eateries than the one on the streets…you may never know what you’re putting in you 🙂

  41. love the photo. its nice.

  42. cool pic. 🙂

  43. […] [Fire] Summer Portfolio July 2011 – 七浦路, 闸北区 (via 一会合) Filed under: Uncategorized by ashrules24 — Leave a comment July 28, 2011 … Read More […]

  44. It makes me want to eat street food.!

  45. Wow like slow motion right….

  46. love the genuine feel of this…

  47. i love the grittiness of the shot. the crossed arms in the back is a nice detail. one can imagine someone impatiently waiting for their food, or one of their own waiting a little impatiently for you to put away your camera (smile).

  48. Love your blog!! Shanghai off the tourist trail… love looking at these shots.

  49. WOW! Shangai’s fire…evocative

  50. Nice pictures! I clicked and saw more. The poverty and living conditions remain to remind me that education frees people.

  51. 炒菜中。。。。。。

  52. i like the picture.. that will show a culture shanghai urban.. can you show me some picture,, that i really interested me most..

  53. This is a typical site of a hawker food stall in Malaysia. All the spices, ingradients, soybean sauces, chilli, fresh vegetables and other greens are displayed. you can see the fresh fish cutlets, skinned frogs, and even life-crabs waiting to be cooked, boiled, or deep-fired. The client would see what he or she wants. Just pick, or speak to the hawker cfej, he or she would turn a good dish for you and suits your appetite.

  54. good post keep posting frnd thanks 4 sharing

  55. I enjoyed reading this post… Great report.

  56. Cool photo! Chinese anyone?

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