[Rows] Summer Portfolio July 2011 – 东川路,闵行区

Farmer, Dongchuan Road, Minhang Development Zone, Minhang District, Shanghai China 2011


3 comments on “[Rows] Summer Portfolio July 2011 – 东川路,闵行区”

  1. don’t the plants get contaminated from all the pollution (air, water) that the factories unleash? I live in a city that is smack in the middle of the two most polluted (seemingly) places on earth. I live in a city called Surat which is right between thw two stinking industrial places called Vapi and Ankleshwar. If you pass through these places even from far away on the high way, you will close your nose with such a nauseous feeling that it is indescribably. All this is being done here in the name of development, at teh cost of total disregard for pollution laws, or forget laws, even a general sense of morality would tell the industrialists that the cost of what they are doing to the who air of the place is not worth any development or profits. But they won’t listen, and the Government will not listen. Everyone wants their pockets filled, in the name of development.

  2. This photo deserves a prize.

  3. Karan: Well , I wouldn’t know but I can’t expect to worry about that and starve can I? 🙂

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