[Skip] Summer Portfolio 2011 – 桂林路,闵行区

Child, Guilin Road, Minhang District,Shanghai China 2011

It drizzles. Not the calm warm morning showers that flicks a rainbow in the sunshine, but the sleet like mist, cold, flu inducing. Not very typical of Summer. Time check, 8pm.I hear a cough from the right, and a complaint from the left. People definately do not want to be out here tonight. Except me.

Once in a while, despite all odds, I get the feeling that I have to get out with my black leather bag. Call it intuition if you will. Of course the excuses will stack up.Camera is low on juice. Its raining. I shouldn’t be snapping too much and get carried away. The girlfriend is going to call. I may get diahorrea eating that day old watermelon.

But, I find myself outside, trudging in sodden sneakers and damp jeans , the only thing handsome was the wet chrome of my camera lenses as I drift past like a vagabaond squinting for that moment of composition. I may get sick tomorrow. My boss might yell at me. Whatever, I got the picture (punwise also intended).

These sets of photographs, random by nature, were from those nights . A spirit of injuncture, curiosity and dead set reckoning. There is no story to be had, or a good tale to weave how I took those photographs. And that’s the way its meant to be, the meaning about my photography.  No higher purpose than reminding myself that life is beautiful in moments that’s oft ignored. Enjoy.


One comment on “[Skip] Summer Portfolio 2011 – 桂林路,闵行区”

  1. Nice blog you have here. I really like this frame.

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