[Self Portrait] Summer Portfolio June 2011 – 莘庄路地铁站, 闵行区

Self Portrait, Xinzhuang Station, Minhang District, Shanghai China June 2011

Subways, metros. The staple of a bona fide street photographer. The hub of transportation that serves as a main link for the residents in the suburbs. These stations are  crowded with a conglomeration of people; Farmers. Students. The weekend lovers.The odd beggar or busker. Each train is a melting pot from all walks of life and all stratas of society, a microcosm of the individuals that make up Shanghai.

It sounds perfect, except for a couple of things that could be generalized into a single issue: It is not easy to photograph people in there!

We have to contend with cramped, sweaty, shoving masses of humanity. Shooting the subjects from a range of 2m max without them noticing. The surroundings are sterile; clinical,monotone, full of plastic chairs and marble with no character to frame your environment. Lights are flourescent , harsh lit evenly exposing no shadows or any graduation of tones. Subway photography stretches the creativity of a photographer to the limit.

It’s basically trying to depict caviar from a fossilized dinosaur egg.

However, it could be done.Had I been successful? The challenge could never really be overcome. I felt I wasn’t that successful enough, and a few ideas kept popping up to push the envelope.

The photographs will just keep on coming…


2 comments on “[Self Portrait] Summer Portfolio June 2011 – 莘庄路地铁站, 闵行区”

  1. great self portrait my friend. you’ve caught yourself in the perfect postion and the reflections of the seats in the glass lead the eye right to you…well done

  2. Thank you Paul, it’s just luck really! I was looking for something interesting when we suddenly burst out of the under ground tunnel:)

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